【ISOSE 2017系列讲座】An introduction to the arctic region, winter navigation and ship design for ice
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2017年海洋科学与技术国际论坛(2017 International Symposium on Ocean Science and Technology)顺利召开, 来自英国、韩国、澳大利亚、加拿大等近十个国家的知名专家与会,共同探讨与海洋科学与技术相关的船舶、制造、材料、信息等课题。现知名专家应邀到校,举办系列讲座,欢迎广大同学前来听讲。

讲座题目:An introduction to the arctic region, winter navigation and ship design for ice

人:Sören Ehlers, Hamburg University of Technology


       间:2017113014:00 – 14:50 



Sören Ehlers, D.Sc., is a professor for design and analysis of ships and offshore structures and the head of the institute for ship structural design and analysis at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). He holds an adjunct professorship at NTNU in the field of sustainable Arctic Sea transport. He is an expert in consequences assessment for accidental events and further in the field of material modeling for non-linear finite element simulations. Furthermore, he is developing new ice material models to assess the ice-structure interaction and design methods for ice going vessels using small and large-scale experimental research. He is concerned with the overall structural response and strength of ships subjected to extreme conditions. Additionally, he combines optimization techniques with extensive assessment procedures to obtain new concepts. He has more than 160 publications in the corresponding fields. He is the chairman of the international ship structures committee (ISSC) V.6 on Arctic Technology for the second period, organizer of the Arctic Sea Transport and Collision and Grounding Sessions at OMAE, a member of the OOAE Executive Committee, the conference chair of ICSOS2016 and 2017 as well as a member of the German society of Naval Architects (STG) and RINA besides being the editor for the Ship Technology Research Journal, an associate editor for JOMAE, an editorial board member for Ships and Offshore Structures and Marine Structures and a reviewer for several international journals.